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The group at the Monmouth Falls

The day when I got to spend my very last bit of money that I had with me, leaving with some Western Oregon Wolves shirts, notebooks and hoodies from their bookstore.

Friday was the last day that we got to do some volunteering. Alongside the lovely American volunteers in their local food bank, we sorted through some large crates of apples followed by potatoes, finishing off in the warehouse freezer.... on a tour!

The trip was rounded up in a Salem restaurant, which catered for everyone even me with my picky vegetarian diet, ha). Really a dinner after which we just rolled home. 

Actually, it doesn't matter what we did at the end of our trip. I could go on and on about little memories I have from that trip, but most of them would just bore you. Instead I'd like to thank the American team for showing me a piece of their culture, their everyday lives where we walked through their university, their towns and cities, dined with them, laughed with them.

As Andy said, at the beginning of the week it was just 18 strangers on a coach, who barely knew each other, and as we sat in that little kitchenette at the end of the week, we realised that actually, it is possible to enjoy each other's company without the internet, and really connect in just a week.

So this thank you not only goes to the fantastic team of students from Western Oregon University, but to you all, students and staff alike, who made that week so interesting!
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Thursday morning we set off to explore the American University as potential students among the high schoolers. One thing I noticed - no matter how big or small the University was, it was beautiful!
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