The Day We Road Tripped and Ate

The Western Oregon Wolves!

The midpoint of the week has arrived, as well as the day that we were supposed tot ravel down to Portland. Well, we had a long day ahead!

It is said that distances in the USA are incomparable to the UK or Europe even, and so spending 3 hours in the minibus didn't seem like we got far, but in fact, we travelled half of the UK!

Anyhow, what awaited us was definitely worth it. First stop: street food vans (not sure whether there is a name for them). This is when the group had the chance to browse all different types of foods from all around the world, in a small block. It all smelled dangerously alluring , unhealthy but tasty. Everyone seemed to find their guilty pleasure.

Sorry, no pic of foods, so here's one of a man crossing the street!

Continuing from here, we were taken to the taste infused Salt & Straw, where the unique flavours of ice cream confused your taste buds - an illustrative example: blue cheese and pear flavour. Now, I know what your reaction to that is, but I was one of the brave once to taste it and it is delicious!! If YOU visit Portland, you will do yourself a flavour (ba dum tsss!) to pay this little parlour a visit.

Salt & Straw - Sea Salt Ice Cream Sundae!

From here, the road took us yet to another eating place - the queue-worthy Voodoo Doughnuts! It looks and feels the same as it sounds. One of the things for which I'd class this place as amazing is purely because they have glitter wall!! (See my Insta for proof) Furthermore, we actually queued for over 30 mins to have a bite of this sensation, and man, it was worth it. First of all, paying less than $5 for two humongous doughnuts is rather a good bargain, and secondly, these people really went all out with their creativity, ranging from Bacon and Maple Doughnut (for the record, there was an actually piece of bacon on it) to naming their products- for example the Vegan Cock-N-Balls (and yes, it is what it sounds it to be).  Not only this, but the employees were incredibly lovely and helpful too!

Personally thought their logos were great: "Magic is in the hole!" -being one of them.

Filled to the rooftop from here, we headed to the little nearby town, the home of the Western Oregon University, Monmouth. If I had to describe this place to someone non-American, it would go something like this: An exact copy of what you see in the movies. Seriously, no joke. The crossroads, the houses, the people - everything! Granted, the university itself takes up most of the population and space, while the town people suffer from lack of restaurant variety, but that is just me being comparative to other places.

Now the dorms. Here I cannot praise the movies, as the dorms were actually much smaller than I have seen in the movies, but with a little bit of personal touch bearable. As we would have seen the next day, they are all very uniform, while the system of getting into the building and into your dorm was more than perplexing.

After settling down into our shared rooms, we were swept out for some dinner at Yeasty Beasty. Funny name, eh? Anyway, pizza for dinner is a great idea, and going to an american diner was an experience in itself, which we shall not forget. It was so much fun, and I am pretty sure the staff were a bit struck as they saw a group of our size enter the tiny premises, but we fit and they catered for us, so thank you!
Picture by Andy

All in all, I don't think I have ever eaten so much in one day, or visited so many food-places in such comprised space of time.


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