Sunday Fun(walking) Day

Walking requires comfortable footwear:)

At this point the days started to merge, like the weekend has been prolonged by 10 hours, which you might think is a good thing, but actually it felt the complete opposite due to the anticipated jet lag, when you go to bed past 9pm in Seattle, but wake up at midnight and then past each hour because that's your body clock laughing at you for having big goals and wanting to travel (midnight there is around 6-7 am in England). The American team generously allowed us to sleep in till 9 am, though we were all up by 1 am, they did enjoy the lay in, too. Waking into the spacious kitchen at past-breakfast time, we were welcomed with a load of food from banana, chocolate, pecan muffins, cereal, sandwiches etc.- but not butter. After eating and pushing through the now crowded kitchen, to make our lunches, stacked up with a ton of snacks, we finally departed for the sightseeing of Seattle. First stop: Space Needle

Actually, to tell a lie, the first stop was a local Starbucks, and no it was not to get coffee. For the WiFi, and ever since then, Starbucks stops happened every day for an hourly WiFi connection since we one of the lovely American team leaders was not able to get the one in the house working.

Though the weather wasn't the warmest nor sunniest, as we got into the central Seattle, we found our way to the scarily tall Space Needle. Once we were up the tower (in just 45 seconds may I add) we were exposed to this amazing, 360° view of Seattle.

184 metres below us is the ground, scattered with different, quite random sculptures and funky buildings. 

Random people in the way of another sculpture. 

Funky playground with spiders on the roof!?!?

To see a bit more of down-town Seattle, the American team decided to show us the local Pike Street market, which was this couple storey building, with all kinds of things from flower bouquets and elephant garlic cloves (literally the hugest garlic I've seen in my life) to Chinese china of all sorts and Seattle merch (hoodies, shirt and hot-red crab hats) to fish-throwing and females with paintbrushes on their faces - getting lost here was quite the experience in itself.

Everything was just so artsy.

I felt it to be necessary to take this picture okay...

The Gum Wall.

We have visited the famous street-art/understandably repulsive gum wall, where each of us contributed to this piece of art.

Also validating my own gender and race...

Strangely I was most worried by the steepness of this city. 

It was enjoyable walking through this place. 

I'm not even sure...

Wrapping it up here before it gets too long! ;)
See you in the next post!


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