New Old Adventures

     Starting college last autumn I was aware that there will be some amazing opportunities for me to travel abroad and to gain many many experiences, and so I went and looked for the most interesting, exciting and beneficial trip that Chichester college was conducting this year. As I never travelled to the states before, I was excited to announce to my parents that in spring I'll be off to the beautiful Seattle.

It's one of those feelings, when you know you've paid for something, to go somewhere but cannot believe that it will actually happen, that you will actually travel there. It just doesn't sink in!
Naturally, I was excited, nervous and surprised (all at the same time) when just 4 days before the big D. And by D. I mean the departure!! I needed to start thinking of all the gear that will be necessary, and more importantly, getting around to actually pack it! Officially now, I have the travel stress. How does one know? Well, you dream how you pack your suitcase… in detail! Seriously, packing an hour before the departure is not a good idea, my dreamy self found out. So I'm guessing it's about time to watch all the endless DIY videos on how to pack to save space. Great. Unbelievable, how quick it came around, and even more unbelievable that I will have to sit in air for 10 hours, just to be welcomed by airport security queues so they can enter my identity into their system along with de-glory-fying mugs of me. Hmm, I guess those are the sacrifices we make to see the world.

At the end of the day, I don't believe there is such thing as complete, 100% ability to be prepared. I mean, you will most likely be still packing 10 minutes before you are to leave your little comfort bubble.

Well that's a wrap for this one, we'll see how I do on the morning of the 19th!


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