The Season's Holiday Tales


The preparation Stage:

We take Christmas baking seriously...

Not sure whether this is the situation with my family only, or whether this situation occurs in other people's homes too, but there is an unbelievable amount of stress, panic and tension building up as the date of our departure nears. 

Okay, I would be lying if I said I don't know why my family is like this, because the truth is that I know way too well why this happens. We, the Hamar clan have a tendency to do everything at once. We manage to delay everything possible - cleaning, baking, cooking, packing, cleaning (again), dining and leaving into one or two days before we leave. Practically the reason I never used to be on time anywhere, not even school. All this allows for a great deal of pointless stress causing useless arguments and then pissed off silences in the car.

But I guess that's the way my family travels. I suppose every family, or group of individuals connected by a shared idea who decide to go on a trip together, and repeatedly go somewhere, will develop their own and unique traditions, codes and ways of travelling. That would make sense though.

So where are we off to this holidays?

Well, we were invited to Slovakia, our home country, by a very important person who paid for our stay at the very luxurious Grand Castle Liptovsky Hradok (basically in the beautiful Tatry mountains in the middle of Slovakia), with 2 of their most prestigious chambers just for my family and I, including the New Year's Eve festivities and celebrations.

-Is what I want to say, but that's not true, except the Castle bit in the mountains, that's where we are headed, excited to have never done this - travelled out of country for Christmas or New Year's.

But that is not all we are doing. Visiting distant family, old friends, our house over in Slovakia etc... It's going to be busy for next 2 weeks, and I don't know how often I'll  be able to post, which kinda makes me sad since I love to sit here at night, or in the morning and just write my brains out. Surprising how I never thought I could do this, but I'm doing it right now!

So I believe there are these stages to travelling. For example, there is the Preparation stage, which is the week up to the date and time of departure, then, there is the Journey which some people describe as the best part of the whole holiday or trip, personally I don't know about that since the journey I'm about to undergo is around 20-25 hours car journey cross Europe, with a dog so will have to be  stopping quite frequently. Adding to that, my earphones broke yesterday, and there is no time to get new ones, so I guess I'll be just using the Bluetooth ones which will drain my battery real quick.

- I feel like this is turning into a rant now, though I do still look forward to the next 2 weeks, trying to fit college work somewhere there too!

So I hope your holidays, Christmas, New Year's Eve is as fabulous as you are! Feel free to let me know in the comments section!

Merry Christmas and happy holidays!


I think I already said it. but there really is no glamour to British weather.
  • write a to do list
  • clean up/make space
  • pile everything you have to do on one neat pile in that corner of this seemingly smaller, and smaller room, and make time aaand... you end up sitting in the opposite corner because... well, procrastination is a bitch.
We've all been in a situation like that, and if you haven't, then you're lying to yourself and lying is not nice. 

The truth is that we've all been there because we all attend schools or colleges or works. attempt to manage our social lives so we don't end up clever/rich but pitifully lonely, we all have some kind of homework or assignments to do, attempt some duties or chores that we do not particularly enjoy as well as try to fit in some advised 'down time' alongside cooking/ exercising/ leisure time - well. unless you're a lucrative celebrity, or just unbelievably filthy rich, like the Kardashians. In that case, I have no idea what you do to fill your 'off screens' time nor what you do here, on this blog.

Anyway, back to my original point. When we think about all of the above, we inevitably become overwhelmed by this. It. Life on general. But it is quite natural- if you think about it. We never had the need to look at the grand scheme of things, the BIG picture of life - the hunters gatherers certainly didn't, and I don't think the following generations did either, maybe up until the quite recent human history. Now more than ever, all these superficial things, like work, school, promotions, money etc, have begun to rule our lives, became our drive, and we all are suddenly even smaller in this competitive scheme of life.

This is why I consider sitting on your bed with your knees below your chin(s) while scrolling down your fabulous Instagram feed or spending some quality time with your favourite YouTubers (I don't know, whatever is your cup of tea really.) an acceptable way to spend the rainy British Sundays, or even Mondays.

Often, we find ourselves running from all this -works out that between the fight or flight responses we generally choose to flee the situation rather than face it head on. Although it sounds bad on us, there is nothing wrong with it... only if we didn't posses the tendency to moan, whine, complain about it afterwards like a bunch of genetically predisposed losers. Okay, I admit that sounds slightly harsh, though I believe it to be true. On numerous occasions I have had a conversation with a considerably interesting and maybe even intellectual individual who screws it up when he starts hating on successful people online. Talking about how they 'shove' their success down our throats, vlogging and blogging, posting on social media. I think here people forgot that we as a species are very innovative and creative, and these people only found another way to make money or even careers! Good for them I say because these are the people that instead of passively existing on social media, they choose to do something with it, like post music videos. covers, entertain others and/or just show their talents this way or another.

It is another form of escapism for us. True, their careers aren't physically challenging as, for example, a teacher or a shop keeper but it makes up for it in another way.

What I am trying to say here that we all look for a way of escaping reality. Sadly this has been caused by media and all the shows and series we are exposed to, but that once again, doesn't mean that it is all bad. Frankly, we need it.

It seems to me that our lives are all about escapism, because even in the best state of mind, whether you're a rich person on a holiday on a tropical island, or a Buddhist deep in a meditation, we all strive to be out of this world, in a way.

Okay, I do see this turned out to be slightly more profound than intended when I started writing, but I guess you'll have to deal with it.



The girl to whom flirting comes naturally... dear friend Nina.


Week 3, Room 5 Squad

Now, before you get anything confused (the title) this is my definition of femme fatale: a woman who attracts men by an aura of charm and mystery - which fits this story perfectly, or at least from another girl's point of view.

Here, I'd like to tell a story, not one of my own ones, but one that I had the chance to observe (also one that I'm partially a part of). It's a story about the peculiar and in my own opinion truly admirable, relationship that Nina has with boys.

Nina is, well... Nina, There are a thousands words, and a thousands ways of describing her, and everyone would use a different syntagm of them, but this is mine; though I'm not even sure where to start describing her, so it might be an idea to tell you a little bit about her background. Nina is half Portuguese and half German. This indeed means that she has a beautifully  tanned skin, strong features and a wide chest (I don't know whether that's something to do with the origin of her genes or not, but it's a fact, okay.). She is also an irresistible red head with the ability to effortlessly pull of red lipstick - or any dark colour for that matter.

Nina has a strong character too, where she does drama - while being good at it as well. Furthermore she was often referred to as the 'mother of the squad' - and rightfully so! On many occasions, when we were in different states, she'd be the one looking after our sorrow selves - no matter how intoxicated she was herself (though I must note here that it wasn't that much for the most of us, her included). 

One of the times that I recall quite vividly despite the other influences, is that little 'gathering' at Bethan's, at the end of the 4th week of NCS - turned out to be even more pathetic than expected (I might write about this in more detail another time). I, myself, wasn't supposed to enjoy any drinks at all, due to the fact that I am aware of what a mess I become if I do, since Henry was attending too (actually, the whole 'get-together' only consisted of myself, Henry, Adam, Owen, Zared, Susan, Bethan and Nina).
Before the evening officially started, Susan and I arrived earlier, greeting both Bethan and Nina at the door both looking beautiful as they do. I want to especially draw attention to Nina's cute little outfit; tartan skirt, black long-sleeve shirt paired with heeled boots. Now, some might question this get up, but we certainly weren't, fully aware of the purpose. At the time, she was madly crushing on Zared, hoping to get somewhere since they have been talking for a while at beginning of the NCS and then the decisions on week 2 during the DC. This decision of hers was made by the whole room 5, and was based on knowledge provided by a member, which turned out to be false - or so we thought after the party. Here is what happened in a nutshell:
- we came
- we may or may not have gotten slightly intoxicated
- for me, nothing moved forward, rather backwards
- Nina and Zared got real close
(No, that THAT close, you dirty little mind!:))
- Adam and Susan did too
- we found out that Henry is a worst lightweight than myself
- found out shots are fun! *wink wink at Nina*
- evening was full of awkward dancing
- everyone went home, and safe to say, nothing was the same after that

Now you think that's quite depressing, but it's not. Since it is Nina's story, it was not bad then, at all. All she knew the next morning was that there was a chance with Zared. But - yes, there will always be a 'but', I mean, we save happy endings for the fairy tales. So back to the 'but' in this story.... Nina and Zared spoke for a while afterwards, but due to reasons that I will not mention here out of respect to both of them, they didn't end up together.

That is not to say that Nina's magic didn't work on another now-very happy boy. Only recently the world was pleased to find out that Nina and a certain Joel are a couple, finally a man that is of the ability to make her happy. Unfortunately I am unable to write about their meetings in detail, as I was not present for those parts, but they met casually. Through friends. Through Costa meet ups. Through little small talks, later chats and they grew closer. Gradually, slowly at first, and then all at once they are making each other happy, and the rest of us jealous.

At the end of the day though, I am very pleased to see that my friend found happiness, only to show us all that after all the dark times, it is worth holding on, being strong, and that there is a reward for it doing so.

So I hope you all are falling for someone too,
or at least are having a great day!

Lots of love,


As my summer tales are coming to an end (trust me, there are more stories, but let's just say they might not be appropriate to share here), I shall move to the theme that plays such a large part in each of ours lives. It might be school, college, university or any other institution that you are concerned with right now, so whatever it is, there is one common factor - motivation.

It seems to me, and I am pretty sure this has been scientifically proven, that during the dark months people lack it. I know I certainly do, but admitting isn't the solution. It is, however the start of it.

The area of my life, where I lack motivation is college. No the best time really...

I find that lately I have been wanting to do so much stuff - go out with friends, do work, read, write, clean, bake... and the list goes on, but - procrastination. Now that little b**** gets in the way all the time, and I'm convinced it is due to lack of motivation.

Sweets shop in New Forest

Many of you attending college know, that we are almost at the end of the longest term of the whole year, but also the mock exams and exams for that matter, are right around the corner, and having this crisis right now - well, unless you have it constantly- isn't straight up beneficial.

This lack of motivation springs from the lack of sunlight, cold, damp weather, layers (of clothes), etc. It can lead to mood swings - and then people think you're on your period. Constantly. But that isn't the point here because ultimately, we can blame all the factors in our surroundings for all the faults in our life: why am I not in relationship, why I'm falling behind with college work, why I don't have time for friends, why I don't have a good enough job, and again, this list could go on longer.

I think the important thing here is to realise that you have all the power in the world to turn this around, and the way to start is this: prioritise. It sounds a bit simple, cheesy maybe, but if you really think about it, it makes perfect sense. If instead of scrolling through my Facebook feed absent-mindedly I decide to sit down and write up some notes for English, I will start to catch up with the work load. If instead of just doing whatever it is that I do to procrastinate, I pick up the camera and go do what I love, I will do it. I will produce something, that hopefully am proud of. 

So why not start. Start now. Just... Start.

I will , will you?


 Do I like you or nah?


Thank you girlies for that beaut week!
((from left) Caroline, Nina, Me, Bethan)
     On that Monday morning, I got to Fort Purbrook 1 hour early, but luckily there was another girl who was quite early too – Judy. Judy was an interesting person, and she looked like a model. She was tall, skinny, tanned skin and just beautiful. But I still didn't quite like her. Maybe I was just jealous of how confident she was around all the boys, or maybe

The week that started it all off.


The years we don't realize are the best, until we are past them.

Three days after prom, Nina, Chloe and I were off to Dorset with NCS.
If you ever get the opportunity to go to NCS, do it. This was honestly one of the best things I did during my summer, plus I spent 4 weeks away from home – why not, right?
     I love meeting new people, and I consider myself being pretty good at it, I mean, why wouldn't I be? I survived moving to England from another country and made friends, not even the language barrier stopped me. I moved school beginning of year 10, and I made friends. I found it to be quite easy to make friends actually, despite the fact that I am slightly socially awkward.
     So when I arrived at

The First Summer


There is no better way to start your summer than to…

     Summer 2015 has been great. I’d even say it was the best summer of your life, so far! Why? Well, you did most of the things you wanted to do, and so much more! You have made some great decisions (some bad ones too, and some really bad ones as well) and it all made for good stories and, more importantly, for fantastic memories! I feel like here, I should shout out to all my friends, old and new ones that were part of it! You know who you are. Overall, you tried and experimented with new things almost every day, weekly, non-stop, since the day you finished your last, and the ‘hardest’ exam – physics (and you passed it with an A btw.!)

     So, on the 19th of June, I got up, out of bed in the morning – all packed and prepared, ready and nervous. I put on my school uniform for the last time, not even sad to do so. I was actually pretty happy and excited for the summer, and I knew this was the beginning of it. I got to school to meet my very nervous friends, most of the exhausted from all the exams, and all of them ready to do it (even though we were totally not ready for this exam!). But it is done. After the exam I rushed out of the sports hall to the bus stop, not even thinking about how I did in the exam – I mean, they were asking us whether it would be a good idea to talk to aliens! But it didn't matter, even if I was to fail it, at that moment I did not give a single care about it, because I was going to Spain in a couple of hours! I still could not believe it! (Yes, I might be overusing the exclamation marks here, but that only goes to show the level of excitement I was experiencing then. Really, I was THAT
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