I introduce my school squad.

Sometimes, just sometimes, you come across this rare species that I like to call 'frendlius realiuso' - which translates from Latinuso as true friend, and widely confused with the term best friend. But that is someone completely else, and both deserve recognition because they put up with your BS.

The best and the worst part about these people is that you can meet them literally anywhere or any time, and so it is crucial to look out for them, because you might miss them by a little quarrel over a petty thing, par exemple a boy, same shoes, or even worse - an infectious rumour that can easily poison your mind, and it is easier to blame the cause of this on someone else. 

Friendships generally can be extremely fragile and thus hard to keep/ maintain, so you can imagine how difficult are these types of friendships.

You see, some people don't know how to keep friends, and especially after finishing high school they will lose many friends. But there are ways, not even secrets, on how to avoid losing potential true friends. I think I mentioned this before too, but it is truly necessary for both sides to invest not just money and time, but effort too into the friendship, meaning that they need to both equally try to agree on a date and time to meet up, to merge their busy schedules, to put away some money so they can both enjoy the time spent together the most. Making up new activities to do helps as well.

Unfortunately I cannot give any guidelines as to how to recognise a true friend, since this is a very sensitive matter and utterly personal to each individual. 

One of the features that I consider to be part of a true friendship is the ability to spend time with someone and not have to fill the empty space of silence with words. Just simply being together, each doing work of our own.

That was the thing I liked about today. 
I met my friend Amy, a friend that I have met in school, for a coffee at Costa's. We both agreed that we will meet but both do our own college work, and that was just what we did. We didn't necessarily need to talk for hours to know we're friends, what more, that we're best friends, though we would both have our own friends and best friends in college. Just sitting there quietly in the café, doing work is sufficient to maintain our friendship, and I am so grateful that I have a friend like her who is willing to take almost an hour bus journey to just come down and sit there with me.

So thank you for being such a fab friend Amy!

That's not to say though, that there aren't other potentials in the making... I love and appreciate every one of my friends, and people who take the time and effort to invest in me. 


I love my friends. - that phrase is one I hope to use more and more, but unfortunately there are only about a handful of people I can actually say it about.

Hermelin cheese salad

Many people don't realise that keeping friendships requires a lot of work, a lot of maintenance and investment. Thus I have the privilege of calling only a few of my friends true friends.
Sad? No, I don't think so.
I came to think about true friendships when over the half term I managed to meet up with some of them.
It was a typical British Wednesday morning, when my alarm rang at 6.14am signalling for me to wake up. It took me couple of eye blinks to realise what was going on and why the hell it rings at 6.14am during the half term - I had a French revision session at college that I signed up for, out of some sadistic but momentary impulse. As I managed to slowly stumble into the bathroom for a shower I realised why I am doing this to myself. I want to succeed.
Getting ready, I forgot to check the time and ended up missing the two early buses to town, as I was panicking about the disappearance of my earphones. When I finally got out the house at 8.38am I hurried for the bus, that was slightly late anyway. I was in Chichester by 9.30 am which gave me just enough time to battle the cold and get down to H&M to get the beep-ey security thing off my jeans that the two sales clerks failed to detect when I got the jeans last week and so was unable to wear them, and a -sorry- is all I got out of them.
I decided to spend the rest of the morning in the library doing my Communication and culture research for my coursework, forgetting about the time once again and at 10.28 am I changed my mind about going to French, and instead continuing to work on the research.

I managed to rearrange to meet my friend no. 1 that day to meet me for 12.25 pm for a quick lunch at Wagamama's - seriously one of the best restaurants. If I had to rank all the restaurants I have been to this one would rank close to the top- thus my family and I frequent it multiple times a month.
We had a lovely lunch, then decided to go and do some exploring - actually he asked me to take him somewhere but me not knowing the city well turned it into a little adventure. Slowly it started to come down with a light shower of wet drops so we made a quick stop at Starbucks for a hot chocolate, as one should in these cold temperatures. We talked a lot, about different things. It was a really nice lunch time, catching up with an old friend of mine.
The lunch time turned into a late afternoon train ride with this friend of mine, and a free ride to Portsmouth to meet with friend no. 2 for the day. I ended up waiting in the warm cinema reception for about an hour, among all the children and stressed parents. Quite unusually I haven't seen a single child on a leash there, when finally at something past 5 pm my friend showed up and we headed to Frankie and Benny's.
We were seated at a lovely corner table for two. Although it was only my second visit to this particular restaurant, the atmosphere was great, full of lively chatter and great music, mixed with the sensual scents of the deep fried (unhealthy) foods. We took our time deciding when we landed on the decision to share our whole meal. We had the delicious Dough Double Dip Balls with cheese and garlic sauce, followed by a large half & half pizza of 4 cheese and American Hot. By the time the two of us finished the large pizza we have caught up on so much, from college to work to personal relationships to our favourite TV show and more. In the end my friend decided to go for a desert which I had to be talked into sharing, while we were convinced that by this point our waitress was sure that we were a gay couple. To mess with her a bit more we then asked her to take a picture of the two of us, just to give off that impression.
When we parted our ways at the end of the evening, after splitting the bill half way and tipping our lovely waitress, I found my train determined to just get on and go home while reading my book that I am eager to finish. However, for a long time now I was playing around with the idea to put myself out of my comfort zone and speak to a stranger. So I did just that.
Approaching the guard's little cubicle on the 19.19 service to London Waterloo I bought a ticket. With couple of troubles with my change, and having to change my last £20 note I sat down across the cubicle still pondering. I made couple If quick phone calls to secure myself a lift home and then turning around I asked as articulately as possible: "Sorry sir to trouble you, but if you don't mind I would like to ask you some questions." Slowly he turned to me, anticipating the questions to be regarding probably like train times or that sort: "yes?" "I just, ever since I started taking the trains I had this fascination for your job. How does your day go?" "That's a very good question." He remarked with a slight rumble of laughter in his chest.
We carried on a lovely conversation, where I have had the chance to apply some of the principles Dale Carnegie describes in one of his most famous enough book. I was stunned at how much I learned about this older gentleman. When the train was to call at my stop he wished me a lovely evening, I wished him a nice shift and we said goodbye to each other.
After that I was just left in a nice mood. It was quite amazing being able to learn about another person, someone new, someone different, completely objectively. It was his calm and carefully used voice full of experience that was his most interesting feature.



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